Guangdong province held an innovation driven development conference to determine the innovation and

innovation for entrepreneurship and economic development driving force for all to see, to encourage innovation to become the focus of the work of the guide. Guangdong held in 2016 to promote the development of Innovation Conference held, will guide Zhongshan actively integrate into the Pearl River Delta, the formation of 1+1+7 regional innovation pattern.

create Zhu Xi technology innovation center and innovation highland

conference released "points", to make arrangements for a new round of innovation driven from 17 aspects. The Pearl River Delta to speed up the construction of national innovation demonstration zone for priority among priorities, proposed to establish a collaboration to promote the Pearl River Delta national innovation demonstration zone construction work mechanism, making the construction of the Pearl River Delta national innovation demonstration zone implementation plan and development plan, focusing on cultivating high-tech enterprises, the new R & D system and incubation incubation system with the combination of multi hierarchy collaborative innovation, deepen the reform of science and technology and other aspects of precise force, accelerate the formation of regional innovation system in the Pearl River Delta National Open Innovation Demonstration Zone, support the innovation and development of high tech industry development zone.

"points" also proposed to organize the implementation of the "Guangdong province system to promote comprehensive reform pilot innovation to accelerate the construction of innovation driven development of the first province plan", the government and the market mechanism to play a key role in the exploration, exploration to promote the depth of integration of technology and economy in an effective way, explore effective measures to stimulate the vitality and power of innovators to explore four aspects of effective mode of pilot deepening of open innovation, formulate specific implementation plan of reform matters and start the reform, the formation of a number of years to promote replicable experience.

Pro four starting point from quantitative to qualitative


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