Entrepreneur Yu Yongfu multiple identity change

Chinese Internet emerged many giants, these big companies are almost independent entrepreneurs to open up a new career. Today, let’s take a look at the innovation of entrepreneur Yu Yongfu.

12 8, the Alibaba group announced four new partners, including Ali mobile business group president, Ali mother Alibaba President Yu Yongfu, group vice CFO Zheng Junfang, CFO Zhao Ying ant gold suit, Alibaba business leader Sun Lijun Tao village. One of the most familiar with Yu Yongfu, because the path is different from the other three new partners, he was a symbol of the wave of China Mobile Internet entrepreneurs.

UC was founded in 2004, is the first focus on the mobile internet field of a number of start-up companies. This group of Companies in the mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, and most of them are already listed only up to the death of a beauty, 3G portal, 3G portal after transformation, renamed jiubang digital in October 2013 listed on Nasdaq, the current market value of 152 million, already no longer the mobile Internet upstart spirit. Yu Yongfu’s UC is not whether Everything is going smoothly. and Tencent, direct confrontation, or from the function to change the platform, intelligent machines to look back and go astray, are deadly.


2014 in June before the acquisition of Ali, Yu Yongfu hands UC not only recommend

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