How to successfully inject venture capital

many entrepreneurs are not only on their own, is certainly a need for the whole team, of which the most important is the I capital turnover to join the project, everyone is how to recruit investment partners?

and investors "love"

my years partners said a very thorough words: treat partners love to be like that to get along. This analogy we must understand, if you ask your beloved girl repeatedly lie to her, you must go to the wedding day, even if married, the marriage will be a crisis; in addition, when the flowers don’t forget to send, or at least there will be some unpleasant.

The feasibility study report of

The feasibility of

carefully prepare investment project analysis report is very necessary. The so-called feasibility study report, one to be feasible, two to analyze, to study the three. Analysis of the feasibility study report is focused on the analysis, to be able to take a rational and objective analysis is not easy to confuse you deceive other people’s analysis is to find investment, and this analysis is now almost everywhere.


clear failure

may investment will consider, if it fails to tell investors, who would dare to invest? This is actually two different things, not that you don’t talk about people do not want to, not to think about the failure of investors will not become investors today. Through the demonstration of foreign investment, to overcome the three kinds of embarrassment: the embarrassment of self-esteem, self-confidence embarrassment, ignorance of embarrassment.

How to avoid the failure of

failed to be responsible

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