What is the thousands of people plan in Sichuan

in the process of economic development, talent is the fundamental. For the high degree of talent, can effectively promote the development of enterprises, enhance the level of economic development. So, for the development of talent strategy, Sichuan’s "thousands of people plan" is what kind of? The following and small series of specific understanding.

in recent years, the "thousand person plan" service window to uphold the "people-oriented, service-oriented" concept, conscientiously implement the provincial government requirements for personnel work, work closely around the center, to fulfill the duties of high quality window, do the "thousand person plan" service, widely praised by the employment units and personnel the introduction of.

up to now, a total of 227 people in our province, the introduction of the National People’s Congress program experts, the province, thousands of people plan experts, the province, thousands of people plan innovative entrepreneurial team of the 595 people. The number of people in the country ranked first in the number of people in the west, the country seventh. Since 2013, the province has received the introduction of talent window calls, visits, work more than 1230 people, the introduction of talent collected in residence and immigration, settled in, medical, and other aspects of the service demand of the title more than 1400 times. Demand in 2015, the rate of fourth in the country, second only to Guangdong, Hubei, Jiangsu.

a, timely grasp the needs of the coordination of the implementation of treatment.

is enhanced with the introduction of talents and talents work unit link exchanges, specially issued notice, guidance of experts selected login national people plan window information service platform, registration fill in the basic situation and demand for services in a timely manner, paper materials collect and record and submit audit system. Irregularly through questionnaires, visits to research, work QQ group, listen to the opinions and suggestions of the introduction of talent, a comprehensive grasp of service needs. In 2016 the first batch of experts to post treatment implementation work, received a total of 18 members of the national people plan expert demand information 54, mainly concentrated in the medical, goods entering their children to school, and settled in such matters, accounting for about 70% of the total.

two is the establishment of specific treatment implementation coordination mechanism, strengthen personnel and the national people plan service window, office, high-end talent service center, public security, foreign affairs, customs, health, education and other departments of communication, coordination and follow up the introduction of talent in the residence and immigration, foreign experts certificate, settled, articles into China the schooling of children and other specific treatment implementation, coordination has gone through 89 foreigners permanent residence permit, multiple entry visa 135, charge d’affaires "special medical certificate" 382, solve the goods entry, including the foreign expert certificate and the purchase of such matters as 130 people, to 122 people go through the procedures set up in Chengdu, solve the school enrollment of children the problem for 31 people.

two, innovative service, rich means of service. Continue to tap the connotation of services, building services "green channel" to achieve the service window forward, service chain recommend

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