Sanitation workers to pick up 130 thousand yuan sanitation workers pick up the money to find the own

3 1, 2009, Hangzhou scenic area, West Lake, Mao Qiande, a sanitation worker at the age of 60, picked up a handbag containing $130 thousand in cash and certificates of deposit in the scenic area, and he searched for the owner who did not succeed. The assistance of handbag and money back for the police. More than 9

1 on the morning of West Lake tourists. Scenic spots of the famous Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon of the cleaning squad leader Mao Qiande work in the scenic spots, found a black man Lake bag.

13 million equivalent to their 5 years of wages, but Mao Qiande did not hesitate, immediately sent the package to the attractions of the management class. Management class while playing the lost and found information through radio, while notify the administrator, security guards and cleaners to find the tourists.

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