How to identify the quality of diatom mud shop

diatom mud is very environmentally friendly coatings, in recent years the market is very fire. Operating diatom mud store, purchase is a big problem. Good diatom mud has the function of eliminating formaldehyde, purifying air, adjusting humidity, releasing negative oxygen ions, fire retardant, self cleaning, sterilization and deodorization. However, the quality of diatom mud on the market is uneven, how to gradually change the quality of diatom mud into a big problem in front of the owner.

first, see the qualification. Diatom mud manufacturers should have a national building materials department issued a patent certificate or a report issued by the authority of the state, that is to say, diatom mud to have a legitimate identity". On the one hand, it is to ensure that enterprises have the production of diatom mud related technologies and production qualifications, on the other hand, but also for the protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

again, to "smell the smell". How to identify the quality of diatom mud? Diatom mud good quality in the construction itself does not emit any smell, but does not produce formaldehyde and other volatile substances, is the real zero pollution green wall.

diatom mud can decorate the walls, but also can purify the indoor air, the market is very hot. However, some of the quality of diatom mud on the market now do not pass, which gives consumers and diatom mud shop owner has brought trouble. How to identify the quality of diatom mud? A look two spray three smell, you learned it!


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