The two generation of Chinese entrepreneurs in a foreign venture to open a restaurant after opening

immigration is no longer what rare thing, but if Chinese immigrants become diversified, investment immigration, immigration and other technology is very popular, and the choice of the Chinese foreign business friends mostly choose the restaurant and the supermarket.

Ye Huanrong proves one thing, the simple business model to achieve the ultimate, is also a kind of success. Born in 1989 in Hongkong, Li Jinming has a new generation of Chinese characteristics, but also focus on cooperation with local people in the UK, more emphasis on the international market, especially the Chinese market. The story of the two generation of Chinese businessmen is the history of the Chinese people in overseas business.

both in England and in the capital city of central Bermingham, south of London, Geleton, or in the northwestern city of Manchester, tourists and local residents will see a group of red brick China characteristics of buildings, in its prominent position, without exception, hanging in Chinese, English in or in Chinese before and after English in "W Wing Yip" signs, deliberately show host identity Chinese supermarket. In the w Wing Yip red brick green tile Chinese archway, without exception, to write a word: "AlltheChineseyouneedtoknow." (you need to know about all the China.

)Although the UK is

1939, Ye Huanrong was born in Dongguan, because of the war, his father decided to go to Hongkong. "I can’t stand it, I’m a Hakka, from the Central Plains to the south, and the land is occupied, no money, can only go to the mountains to open up wasteland." Ye Huanrong said. In 1959, Ye Huanrong graduated from high school, change the fate of the idea that he was determined to go to the United Kingdom, said to go.

"around Malacca, also recommended to sit

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