What are the methods of operating female shoe store

female shoe store operators should always be based on the characteristics of the store to carry out good management, to attract more consumer attention. If you want to run a good shoe store, what skills should you learn? Many businesses are not very good at this problem, learn together.


A, customers stopped suddenly, said in a style of "love at first sight".

two, looking at a piece of merchandise, is said to be interested in.

three, carefully looked at a pair of shoes, means to buy.

four, customers looking for labels and prices, means that has more interest, want to know the brand and price.

five, looking at products and looking around, might want to find help guide.

six, ask questions, that need your help.

how to run female shoe? More than six kinds of situations, is that the customer needs you to help them, if the female shoe shop owners to help consumers at this time choose suitable shoes, shoes that the success rate will be very high

customers to buy!How to run


A, take the initiative to help customers shoes.

In the first

two, wait for the customer to try for the finishing end.

three, try to evaluate the effect of properly, can be slightly compliments.

satisfied, satisfied!

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