Zhengzhou public rental housing monetary subsidies

China’s various regions of the economy are in a very rapid development period, many people choose to go out to work, but there are also problems such as housing. Yesterday, the Zhengzhou municipal housing security and real estate Authority (hereinafter referred to as the Zhengzhou Municipal Housing Authority) organized a news briefing, the focus of the outside world on the question and answer questions. A dynamic message is that the current public rental housing has been suspended in Zhengzhou, after the implementation of the new deal in September 1st to re open the application channel.

[policy background]

45% public rental application object is willing to choose monetary subsidies


planning and housing security bureau director Pan Weicheng, director of the Department of housing security by the city on the city’s five district and high tech and Zheng Dong 7 districts totaling 700 families or individuals, has carried on the questionnaire survey.

results show that 45% of the public rental housing applicants are willing to choose monetary subsidies.

Henan Daily reporter learned from the Zhengzhou Housing Authority, as of now, Zhengzhou city started construction of public rental housing has been allocated a total of 99213 sets, 24733 sets, at present in the construction of 74480 units of public rental housing in the city, built in 66271 sets. According to Pan Wei forecast, in accordance with the average volume of public rental housing in Zhengzhou since 2013 ~2015 annual average increase in the amount of measurement, and now the number of public rental housing in the construction can be allocated to rent until the year of 2018.

since last year, the state proposed to increase the level of housing security monetization efforts, the provincial government on the adjustment of public rental housing policy put forward a clear opinion. To this end, Zhengzhou will "means the protection of public rental housing gradually from physical security, change for Shiwupeizu with monetary subsidies to protect and formulate relevant policies in the work plan.

[a feature]

Zheng drift apply more convenient

Pan Wei said that there are two changes worthy of attention, first, the application category changed, two is that the program changed.

he said the change is not a big change, but the optimization and simplification. For example, the original, the application of the population into three categories, that is, the median income families, new employment, to Zheng workers, and now directly into the city’s household registration and the field of household registration.

"the city residence security object covers middle-income housing difficulties, new college graduates, landless peasants; foreign household security object covers" Zheng drift ‘family, flexible employment, migrant workers and other social groups." Pan Wei said.

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