College students can enjoy financial help

a lot of people do not want to work, want to start your own business, but for a newly graduated students, entrepreneurship is no joke, failure is a homely food but also, there is not enough money, so take what to start? Relevant departments for college students to provide financial support, so that they are more at ease to venture.

20, with the first Castle opened "online shopping basket", student entrepreneurs Nie Shunhai accepted a Shanghai holding group to provide 10 million yuan of agricultural risk investment. It also created the highest record of venture capital funding for venture capitalists in Qingdao.

"online to send food for help ten million yuan

2009 years, the life of the students moved to the University of Qingdao business incubation base, thanks to the reduction of rent and other policy support, the company developed rapidly. From just a day when the operation is only a dozen orders, the development of nearly 70 orders per day now, plans to reach a total of 300 orders within six months. The strength of the company has grown rapidly, but also provides a platform for college students employment. Currently, Nie Shunhai’s team a total of 17 people, of which 14 are 80, and most of the graduates are fresh.

Optimistic about the prospects for the development of

College graduates employment in Qingdao city at the

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