To improve the image of the shop is good profits – Business

shop when the decoration of the shop again, after the baptism of time, store image will be damaged. So, if you want to make a higher profit, naturally also need to enhance the store image. Time, such as running water, the sun and the moon, such as shuttle, unknowingly I opened the store has been more than and 20 years. When the shop, my shop is a sales agency under the supply and marketing cooperatives, far from the city. Then, in the vicinity of my store is no other shops, it is of customers, Business Flourishes.

but with the expansion of the city, I shop to the edge of the town, around the shops, shops and supermarkets as well as like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Supply and marketing cooperatives collapsed in the market competition, I shop plus dilapidated housing besieged on all sides, and store the conditions behind the business has plummeted, as one day. At that time, I really want to change. When I heard a peer competitor said to take me away, I dig up again, heart secretly determined: we must put in the shop!

in order to cope with the market competition, the business back declining situation, I dare to store upgraded in the original store area based on the doubled, and to store the original use of backward change into new wood shelves at angle steel. In order to highlight the cigarette business, I bought a special aluminum counter, cigarette display at a glance! Shop inside and outside the wall is also decorated with a new.

in addition, I shop also added a table tic, and set up a rest area. After re opening, not only the inside and outside even the clerk also take on an altogether new aspect, focus on improving the image, dress more clean and more spiritual, more enthusiastic service staff, the variety of supply is more rich and complete, the business gradually began to fire up, turnover also soared, income is more than doubled. In particular, cigarette sales, placed more obvious, more intuitive, more than the previous sales growth!

if a store shopping environment is very bad, but also how to ensure the quality of the goods? I think there is a good place for consumers, not only for shopping, is also a kind of enjoyment; to enhance the image of our shop, is respect to the customer, but also a trump card to attract consumers to patronize; is to enhance the image of a penny, won the customer more profitable business magic! The image of the store is a word to me!

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