Liu Yanxia opened early childhood training center was a great success

in the current "children on everything" in society, the education of children has been recognized by numerous parents. The traditional early childhood at the age of 3 or so, resulting in missed a lot of opportunities for education. Liu Yanxia in time to seize the market, the introduction of early childhood training center, won the affirmation of more parents, easily won a great success.

said the infant do business, most people in diapers, baby toys, milk powder and other direction to think. But from the city of Guiyang, Liu Yanxia from the early childhood training center to teach baby crawling start, now every month can also be 10 thousand yuan net profit.

kindergarten teacher venture

would not have thought of this business if it weren’t for a parent’s entanglement, Liu Yanxia.

that was in September 2007, was in Guiyang a kindergarten teacher Liu Yanxia met a very strange student — children have 3 and a half years old, but he is in the classroom always climb, walking and "O leg" sign.

parents said: the child grew up in particular love to climb. We feel that this can exercise the child’s cerebellum, it did not manage him; over time to develop a habit, long to correct now.

"if a child is small, crawling is good for bone development. But grow up must teach him the correct walking posture, or will develop bad habits." When Liu Yanxia advice to parents, parents are also very helpless, said he did not understand this knowledge, the child did not have a child early education institutions, and now it seems too late to find.

this ignited the entrepreneurial dream of Liu Yanxia. December of that year, Liu Yanxia 30 years old birthday, after her resignation to Beijing, an authoritative early learning institutions, access to industry certification.

2008 May 4th, Liu Yanxia sold the house in Guiyang, with the money came to Chongqing. At the end of July, is located in Jiangbei District Wong Bang "Xiwen Early Learning Center opened smoothly, providing early education services for children aged 0~5.

teach children to climb is also very particular about

opened the initial enrollment and did not like Liu Yanxia like that "at least 30% parents are willing to send their children to, in fact, most parents think it premature to send their children to attend the training is not necessary, and that" it would deprive the child’s childhood fun".

helpless, opened nearly two months, Liu Yanxia and all the staff of the company in the "universal education", for the importance of parents on early childhood education, parenting knowledge. Everything comes to him who waits。 In the end of August, Liu Yanxia finally ushered in the first.

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