Chongqing Southwest’s first youth entrepreneurial community official operation

young entrepreneurs mostly start empty-handed, they often have the problem of lack of resources in the business in recent years, helping young entrepreneurs become the focus of government and society, build Chongqing Jiangbei District first youth entrepreneurship community in Southwest China, offers a variety of entrepreneurial resources, help the young small entrepreneurs.

11 3, Jiangbei District Government jointly by LaSalle Kechuang Technology Services Limited, to build the Southwest’s first youth entrepreneurship community formal operation, built a 6000 square meters, there are more than and 70 enterprises settled contract.

six dimensions of youth entrepreneurship community leader in southwest

11 6 July, the Chongqing evening news reporter went to see the community sample of youth entrepreneurship, community construction has been built around the stadium to cobble stone as the carrier, 6000 square meters of a project has been completed, a series of "entrepreneurial runway" will all entrepreneurial space and facilities, community sports, fashion design style highlights element. In the community business exchange area, business office district, entrepreneurship training area, entrepreneurial exhibition decoration area and business supporting area has been completed, signed enterprises can bag settled.


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