nternet Co spent heavily hit CCTV advertising circle

Internet era of science and technology is developing rapidly, in order to occupy a good competitive position in the industry, many enterprises are playing the advertising campaign, have invested heavily in the CCTV advertising, in order to quickly enhance the brand influence, attract the public’s attention.

recently, LETV won the 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Spring Festival Gala became the first standard, 30 seconds advertising gold standard Internet Co. However, the Meizu founder and CEO Huang Zhang out pleaded, Bo said: "millet, music is called Spring Festival Gala gold position? If Meizu do, should take at least platinum position. I think it is more important to focus on the product than in the Spring Festival Evening advertising more important, but if you really want to invite friends Meizu Meizu Spring Festival evening, forwarded over one hundred thousand I voted!

but also have friends at this time but said "the truth":

Advertising sold out early". This is also true, CCTV 2016 gold resources advertising tender is now over, so the total is not known about the total platinum on the yellow.

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