Open donut shop circle huge wealth

now often can see a lot of very delicate donut shop, a lot of people also love to patronize. But some people just get rich through this small dessert, and also use the Internet as a means to raise popularity. He now has only more than 4 thousand fans of micro-blog, but his business has been greatly improved, to listen to his story:

At that time

later went to visit the donut project, feel the taste is OK, decided to do it. While training at the same time while looking for a shop, looking for a full 2 months, during the screening of many shops, opinions differ, had a lot of time frame, long time not finalized, let a person very hurt. For a time the morning two men go out to sweep the streets, afternoon home exhausted and fell asleep on the bed, again in the evening to see what good online screening decision tomorrow. At that time, I think entrepreneurship is not an easy thing. It challenges you to hone your will.

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