The method of small entrepreneurs to avoid venture capital

in this world, the risk can be said to be a ubiquitous thing, especially for some entrepreneurs who, in the process of entrepreneurship, we all need to pay attention to some of the investment risk, then we should be how to avoid such risks?

choose project — not where lively where crowded

Jianfengchazhen — take the market blind

often changing business environment, market times have changed. Time is tight, the commodity can be added; the time is not tight, gold is also devalued. Therefore, who’s reaction speed, to adapt to the dynamic changes in the market, who can win the time, win the initiative. Small business small boat U-turn fast, as long as the time to keep a clear head, in a timely manner to respond to changes in the market to make a quick and sensitive response, the first to seize the fleeting opportunity, it is possible to achieve a small profit. When the concept of "alternative pets" was introduced into China, some of the first businessmen who knew the information and predicted its broad prospects were small businessmen. They quickly establish a solid relationship with the wholesalers, not much investment but profitable.

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