Open the steamed stuffed bun shop where to learn technology

now there are a lot of franchisees are beginning to pay attention to the steamed stuffed bun project, mainly because of the rigid demand market profit space is too attractive, and therefore want to seize the opportunity. Open steamed stuffed bun shop to choose what project? Where should I learn technology? Many franchisees want to know more, with a small series to see it.


a king bun franchise old-fashioned investment is low, can 3-5 million, 1-2 million small can 1 people, 1 stores, 2 people all fix. The king of old artificial less, simple equipment, easy management, now make and sell at profit. Gross margin is about 50%.

King franchise training old-fashioned buns, you will learn:

1, featured steamed stuffed bun and filling heart method;

2, learning the basic technology and skills Famian steamed;

3, Pyramid dumplings fragrance soup, fried rice, porridge, cover 8 eat the size of


4, business plan and management skills;

5, shop management skills, so you worry shop.

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