Food and beverage stores should pay attention to these seven points

shopping mall is established to provide for the catering industry in a large number of consumers, we see a variety of well-known food brands into them almost in a large shopping center, and catering foraying into commercial complex, that the needs of the market and choose, but in fact, it is not easy to do in the mall restaurant. According to a complex investment sources, the overall situation is 30% money, four flat, 30% losses. So what are the food into the shopping malls what?

food and beverage into the mall when you need to pay attention to the following seven points:

first: no low price promotion no popularity

to give you a practical example: at the beginning of this year, Zhejiang province well-known catering brand "cumquat" opened in Jiangsu coast of Wuxi city. At the beginning of the opening, the business combination group purchase network launched a low price promotion, restaurant bursting with popularity, and after a meal are still on the sidelines. Etc.. However, the end of promotional activities, the passenger will drop sharply.

such a phenomenon is very common, many of the new store opened in vivo, will take this approach to fame. The main reason is homogenization is too serious, and now almost all types of food and beverage brands are everywhere, if you do not do promotional activities, there is no consumer willing to buy it. However, the higher the cost of the complex rent property, coupled with the increase in raw materials and labor costs in recent years, the use of low-cost sales operations, can be counted as a loss of sales.

the most important thing around the neighbors to do activities, there are customers to go, do not do their own activities, no one came, forcing catering businesses continue to discount, promotions, and even engage in buy, profits have been compressed.

second: do not turn Taiwan do not make money

a lot of people outside the mall to see the food and beverage line up every day, I think the boss had to make much money that! In fact, and in the super shop owner to talk about, is a stomach grievances. They agree that the feeling is: rent one day at a time, four or five square meters, seven or eight, or even $more than and 10, earned money to the mall.

A fellow friend

do the same restaurant in Hangzhou, his deepest feelings, he said: "I now face the situation is" not over Taiwan is not to earn money, "one day sit round is guaranteed to have a profit of more than four wheels. That means that you have to sit at noon and have to take two rounds at night. If it is low, it’s lost today.

but can let the restaurant turned Taiwan line, need to do marketing, spend much time? And, even if a large number of big promotions, customers also go to line up the future.

third: not heavy decoration was flooded

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