Yang Lan’s failure and hardship for humanity

my life is like water, lengnuanzizhi, not perfect. Some people say that Yang Lan you have been very smooth, I just can’t help but smile. I can’t explain the hardships and failures to everyone. From 2000 to 2005, as long as 5 years, I have been in this state. This is true, whether it is from a career or a state of mind.

1996, I graduated from Columbia University. At that time, the United States several major television networks want me to do their appearance reporter, reporting on Asian Affairs and the Chinese community in the United States, but I think, and I want to do a little bit of distance. My position is the cultural industry, which is different from IT, business, finance and industry. When I went to America, I knew I would be back. When I got married, I said to Wu Zheng, you have your own career in the United States, but I will definitely go back in the future. He said, I’ll go with you. At that time the media reported the "resolutely" these 4 words. I think these words are appropriate for him. He seems to give up something, but I don’t have to give up.

1997 years, I have no work all year, is to have children, with children. In 1998, I cut my hair, went to Hongkong Phoenix TV, began to do "Yang Lan studio".

the first person I interviewed Wang Guangmei. Whether from the program or the life level, she is a great shock to me woman. Through this program, I really established a point – I do the program is to record the relationship between people and the times, I hope to record the history of the way people interviewed. I majored in English and a minor in international economics, but my interest in history began in middle school. I love Su Dongpo, Roosevelt and Churchill, had seen Nixon wrote the "leader" of the book, read the interview Fallaci "world influential man". When the college entrance examination, I once wanted to report the history department. All of these have an imperceptible influence on my career ideal.

I do business a bit

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