Service entrepreneurship youth boost private economy forum into the well into the community

in order to comprehensively promote the process of a well-off society, the public entrepreneurship, people’s innovation policy needs to be implemented at the grassroots level, a comprehensive drive people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Recently, the service youth entrepreneurship   boost private economy community forum into the streets of Qujiang Shi Jing community.

to lead more community youth on "public entrepreneurship, innovation" the forefront, boosting the development of private economy in the streets of Qujiang, to do community work service of the people’s livelihood, Shi wells community held "youth entrepreneurship service   boost private economy" community forum.

invited Yangzhou City Youth Employment Service Center business mentor Zhang Zhenghai special lectures, for the community to explain the quasi youth entrepreneurship entrepreneurial ideas and entrepreneurial awareness, clarify business ideas, the mining enterprise idea, and to the community how to do the labor service people’s livelihood, help the community youth innovation and entrepreneurship related suggestions.

through this platform, the analysis and explanation of entrepreneurial mentors, we understand that in order to achieve sustainable development, to stimulate the creativity of the whole society, stimulate the vitality of community residents, especially to strengthen the community youth entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to achieve a higher quality of employment and entrepreneurship.

We believe that



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