The performance go downhill and Semir opened the 500 million drop

and Semir Smith Barney competition road for a long time, have been equally matched, and the recent decline in the performance of Semir Smith Barney, the performance is still steady growth between the two leisure brands have opened a gap.

two local brand Semir and Metersbonwe (hereinafter referred to as "Barney"), after ten years of competition, due to the development of brand strategy, net profit of 500 million yuan opened the gap. According to the first half earnings two brand new, Smith Barney net profit down 152.98% from a year earlier, Semir net profit year-on-year increase of 22.94%. In the United States, the franchise has become an important factor in drag on performance, but in recent years the development of multi brand strategy is America poor tired.

for the decline in performance, Smith believes that although the direct sales revenue to achieve positive growth, but to join the channel business adjustment lag behind the direct channel fell, become an important factor affecting the performance of the first half of the company. According to Smith Barney earnings, in the main business income, although stores grew 5.09%, but it fell 20.51% stores. The gross profit, stores up slightly 2.41% stores fell 28.02%. Smith said, the franchisee futures booking amount decreased, resulting in the franchise income fell.

2008, Smith Barney launched the high-end brand ME& city; CITY, not only the direct mode in 2009, and the opening of the store are more than 500 square meters of large stores, also invited the "escape" actor Wentworth Miller as a spokesperson for ·. But did not bring high input and high output, has always been to low-priced fashion for the positioning of the Smith Barney, launched the high-end cards and not by consumers to buy it. ME& CITY due to poor performance led to a lot of downtown stores recommend

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