How to set up shop rent

a lot of shops opened in the downtown area did not insist on it, and high rents are not unrelated. For this reason, if we want to set up shop business, the need for rental housing, then, in the time of rent also need to be more natural. So, how to start a business rental housing province?

way: stagger downtown lot

traffic intensive downtown, along with the high cost of rent, shop to rent the business to stagger downtown, but does not mean to go to remote areas. As the founder of the church barberry Zhang Tianyi had left the shop on the non downtown pavement white-collar intensive, rent decline, but through the online community, take interesting activities, diversion line, still the shop open too fast.

two: by his shop to sell their own goods

shop entrepreneurship if it is difficult to bear the high rent, decoration, equipment costs, it is better to use other people to shop for the time being. There is a shrimp to get wind of the boss, the first is to open the crayfish Museum in the noodle shop, selling noodles during the day, at night to sell shrimp. Not only saves the cost, but also enjoy the noodle shop customers patronize.

mode three: door-to-door service

With the rise of today’s

takeaway platform and the popularity of third party delivery, take out the cost of reducing, all kinds of private kitchen style takeaway shop sprung up, it can be regarded as an entrepreneurial attempt. Today, the famous Beijing called duck, the first half of the business there is no store, get the investment to open the store.

may the single month rent in the investment cost is just a drop in the bucket, however, it’s every month needs a payout, therefore, if you want to shop in the current business environment for success, rental costs must be strictly controlled.

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