After the age of 17 to start a company to embark on an alternative entrepreneurial path

: the way to be famous as, when this law occurred in a 17 year old woman, a lot of people have expressed surprise. Entrepreneurship has nothing to do with age, as long as you are ready, you can brave the first step.

19 year old Ding Shiyuan when talking about business in general do not say that he was only 19 years old this year. To hit the bottom, he stared at each other’s eyes, tell you about it. The results of a lot of business partners think he is either after 80, or 70, anyway, no one took him as 90.

the secret has cover to the end of last year. Ding Shiyuan was admitted to the city of Shenzhen, shortly after the Career Technical College, the twentieth Miss World Model Contest Finals in the hospital held a grand. Let the teachers feel surprise is that the Department of Applied English Department of culture market management and management freshman, unexpectedly this is the world model contest, China’s assistant director of the finals and the International Finals competition. No one knows, Ding Shiyuan 12 years old began to learn business knowledge, the practice of entrepreneurship at the age of 14, founded his own cultural company at the age of 17.

12 years old, he went to the Longgang adult training center to enroll in courses such as journalism and marketing, to become the youngest student training center. This life continues to his first two days. One day, he went to apply for the "China clothing daily" customer outreach positions. When he was too young to head to the spot refused, suddenly took out a more than and 300 attachment of Shenzhen clothing enterprise’s name and address, the telephone and the style of clothing, talking about their views on the clothing, the newspaper was eventually recruited.

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