There are 40000 original works on the platform Yaoqi, why only 900 million



officially announced at a press conference yesterday, "the secret is the acquisition of Austrian flying" is already in the news media circle passed several weeks.

, but there has been no Internet media to write, even from the "one hundred thousand cold jokes" to "return of the great sage", half a year, the rise of domestic animation has become increasingly fierce. Secret Internet is already the biggest comic platform, but it was the news of the acquisition, the Internet media seem to be no poke in the g-spot. For some other, more pure internet field, such as O2O taxi, an investment rumor is enough nationwide High last week.

even to yesterday officially announced that 900 million of the purchase price, and no chicken to go.

domestic cartoon embarrassment that is far away from the money. Over the years, the real consumer market has spookiness after only ten cold test". From the cartoon animation, and then to Mobile Games and the big screen, the past few years the "ten cold" run through the whole process of the works from the Yaoqi comics to money, but the platform is still not copy the successful case of the.

With this

in the end of the industrial chain has spookiness ability weak. It’s far from sound easy to animate manga or even move onto a big screen. This is why the final choice has spookiness ALFY, rather than BAT. The company, originally built from a four wheel car toy, has already demonstrated its ability to produce animation, movies, and even consumer goods in the younger market. But in recent years, the Internet game in their investment on the entrance layout is quite positive, can see its shadow AcFun, Betta, Buka comics company shareholders list.

, look at it from a different angle. From comics to games to big movies, the reason for the change in form is actually to cover different audiences. This kind of expression lacks animation and has high cost of consumption. It cuts the crowd and is the core of the two dimensional fans. To the game users, the scope has been greater than the core of the two dimensional group circle. To the big movie, this low frequency, one-time consumption of traditional forms of entertainment, can further cover the public.

in other words, the growth of the user’s ceiling is becoming more apparent as it focuses on the core two dimension group.

is no longer in 2013. After two years of nurturing, the market provides more and more content platform. Although the platform is somewhat fragmented, the content requirements of the core fans have been well met. The next two dimensional companies will have more rapid user growth, it is necessary to touch that circle of users standing on the edge.

"ten cold" in this area is very good, through hand travel and movies covering many non core audience. But this is not all Yaoqi credit, with the work itself is also very relevant content context. To mass to foster a number of such IP, Yaoqi need such public > OFEI

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