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Internet users are like sharks. They must keep moving forward, or they won’t be able to live. They’ll always be browsing and digging for interesting things.

in this reality, your products if there is no way to immediate attention, and calls the user action, said the sale of products is not very good. The technology is very good, very thoughtful service idea, but that is no bird; this is a very vain thing.

Is to raise some good ways to sell

this article to introduce, and the set point on your home page (the first page login page?? anyway, you know what I mean).

draws attention to the headline


this is actually the most important feature of any product’s home page.

a clear, strong, and people can move the title, let the user a seconds of being arrested, and wanted to go and see; when writing this title, can be used for the assessment of this sentence has no effect:

what is the most important benefit of our product to this reader,


include the following four U: useful (Useful), special (Unique), explicit Ultra-specific, and urgency (Urgent)?.

demonstrates benefits and does not declare functionality

in particular, the benefits are not equal to functions, such as the following example:

products: iPod 64GB.

function: there is 64GB storage space.

advantage: you can plug 10000 songs in your pocket and use it for party all night long.

in the home page, should emphasize to the user is the advantage, because this is what they really need. Moreover, the subscript can be a pretty serious thing; in fact, even with the whole team effort to brain storming, or frequent group testing (for the sake of a title), it.

in a word,

on this issue, UX Movement pointed out that if the establishment of a unique selling point, will be in a key word finish. It is easier to read, don’t quibble, let readers at a glance what is the appeal; such as coacademy example:


picture on the left is their existing title, is a kind of rhetoric. But in fact they can be finished in one word on the right things, the title really simple than the left.

avoids use and can be used in >

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