When you buy space, do you leave real phone calls

this morning, just now. I bought the space that IDC gave me a call, saying that I was a small forum there is a post violation, he gave me a number of calls, did not hit, saying that if you can not contact it, you can only temporarily stop the space. Ha-ha。 Summer vacation, the mobile phone is thrown there all day long, he has not made a phone call several times before, and once my phone just rang, there was no electricity.


finished speaking, I deleted the post right away.

said the truth, when many people buy buy space domain love with false information, so I am a senior, he made a beautiful picture station, the domain name information make false false, you said this is nothing, after all, do high-risk sites, but he himself is outrageous do we have a school forum false information. Personally think that these are unnecessary, you figure save trouble, may end in spite of many things.

like this if I stay in the buy space to fill in the information when the phone is fake, so I may be directly to the site to stop, even if finally through communication can open space, but this time the suspension space can not be eliminated.

so I suggest that you still in time to buy a space to fill out the real contact, unless you do illegal sites, so you no matter what, but you should do illegal station to buy foreign space, ha ha, if that is true, fill in the contact way is quite good.

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