Teach you how to improve website traffic quickly

how to improve website traffic? This is an eternal topic, but also the most difficult problem to solve, in fact, we can all calm down, and insist on doing some practical work.

The design of the

site requires some technology, and more understanding of the entire network, even if you put a lot of effort into it, but you may have failed. So we have to try our best to rebuild our site and make it more attractive, and this is the key to improve the traffic. No good site, no one will like it.

when we started the transformation of their own site, please carefully consider these problems: what is the positioning of the website? What should be your visitors? Do you want to let users get what? What makes visitors again? What are the contents of the website visitors to stay


has two types of websites: the first is for others, that is, most people like the content; second, for themselves, that is, the content of their own preferences to others. Once you’ve fixed your site type, consider who your visitors should be. The reason to know who your visitors are is because you can be more confident in providing the right content after you have identified your visitors’ preferences.

actually, it’s easy to get one hundred thousand people to visit your website, but it’s hard to get one hundred thousand people to visit your site again. So, we have to think about what makes visitors come again. I summed up some experience:

1. good user experience

stands at the user’s point of view to experience their own website, to see whether it provides users with convenience. Don’t be crazy about new technology, and don’t be lazy about nothing. In short, the user is paramount. For example, for web sites, it’s a good user experience to remember some of the sites that are commonly used by users via Cookie.

2. information should be updated at any time

a long time no update site, no one will like, search engines do not like. But for some stations, the home page is not easy to update, but can be updated on the inside page.

3. provides valuable content,


network, it very easy to get information, so if your site can often provide valuable information, will attract more visitors, and if you just copy others’ information, for a long time, will make the visitor feel tired. At the same time, this search engine values this too.

4. web browsing speed must be fast,

as a personal site, in the choice of free space server, to choose the speed, rather than the connection time out, have not seen the slightest movement of the server.


5. site sets some interactive content,

more and more visitors want interactive content, they don’t want to just watch, they want to move, and add on your site

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