SEOer required courses data statistics and analysis

as a SEOer, especially the person in charge of the business department to do site optimization, destined to deal with a lot of data, every day our time is limited but will not waste too much time on it, so we need to use the shortest time to obtain the most effective data to understand the health status of the website, found that the problem of nip in the bud, and determine the next development.

today, Feng Zhiqiang told you what data we do not need to monitor, and how to quickly and effectively through the SEO data report to determine the health of the site.

are the data you monitor daily useful,


once in a home to do business when they find the optimization Department consultant monitoring report a lot of data, very detailed, for example: the weight value, PR value, included (record the number of Baidu, Google site), the chain (a record of the number number, domain Baidu, goolge link) included rate, date and so on.

, although the data were taken seriously, they didn’t record anything, some of them were useless, and some data were not recorded.

useless data 1: Baidu weight. This in front of an article "those likely to be made by SEOEer" has said, Baidu is not the official weight, no reference is necessary, the official also made a statement, confirmed no authoritative Baidu weight, here is the original:

Baidu has never provided website weight information, data and external inquiry services. The data from the third party webmaster tools are not Baidu’s official data. It does not represent the actual situation of the site. Baidu is not responsible for the problems caused by the use of such data. Ask the webmaster not to refer to these "Baidu" weights as real values.

so Baidu weight this data is not necessary to take time to record, in addition, PR data is not necessary to record every day, because we all know that PR is basically updated for a few months only once.

garbage data 2: the number of chains. I admit that the chain is very important, but the data that we can record the real reaction of our chain? First, Baidu said the domain command, do not know who said at the beginning, Baidu inquires the chain of command is domain, in fact, this is a completely wrong understanding, Baidu does not provide any webmaster query site external link commands, real effect of domain is related to the domain name query ", so you get the most data only shows that there is much in your domain name page. But we do SEO know, the external link is divided into URL, anchor text, text link three forms, and domain is unable to query the amount of anchor text (how many anchor text chain to your web site).


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