What should we do for 08 years

what would you do if you were asked to be a station now,


first analyze the garbage station

cat, catch mice is a good cat, the best on their own brains and hands, with the scraps to eat other people behind the others only, never gets the biggest cake. This is what people think about garbage stations on the internet.

station is certainly not good for users, the quality of the Internet greatly affected, some horse station. These seemingly loss, but "rescued addicted to online games," we lost youth webmaster can still have to accept the psychological quality, after all, will not lead to family, family, family.

as a start, is a lot of webmaster must experience part. Disadvantages: do not do, short survival, advantages: quick, easy to update, some time ago the English stand is very popular, everyone jumped to the U. S… but can really make a lot of money?


08 years is the Olympic year, with the arrival of the Olympic Games, the people of the world want to understand China’s enthusiasm is also getting higher and higher.

to do a good culture, if you do not do English garbage station, you can introduce China’s related culture, life and products through the website, it is best to gain benefits through products. Of course, can also do writing alternative dumpster.

advantages: with international standards. Cons: the dollar has fallen recently. In addition to the above stations, there are some creative small station

as the saying goes, "things are scarce". If you have enough ideas, an attractive little station will win everything for you.

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