Talking about the relation between the station of stationmaster and the event of Green Dam

these days, I believe the "Green Dam" is definitely on the list of headlines in the public opinion in the teeth of the storm. Is not a software? How to get so what is the raise a Babel of criticism of the Ministry too? "Love" of Internet users, or people don’t appreciate the


"Green Dam", is often referred to as the "Green Dam", is a green Internet filtering software, the software consists of image filtering software "Green Dam" and "escort" text filtering software two software assembled with intercepting pornographic content and filtering harmful websites, online time, control check the Internet records and other functions. Seems to purify the network environment, reduce the Internet bad information useful ah. But, the ministry this action is for others, because Internet users do not appreciate. Here, from the Green Dam event, the relationship between the Green Dam and the station.

first, solving problems requires a permanent cure.

called the "Green Dam", can effectively filter the bad information, the protection of youth internet safety, this is only a temporary solution approach. Green Dam is just a software, no one’s thinking and initiative, for the so-called bad information filtering, but through keyword, blacklist website filtering. And the so-called keyword, blacklist website installed in the software when it was determined, although the software will also be upgraded, but certainly less than the Internet changes, the development of fast. If the relevant functional departments can combat illegal websites, reduce the bad information of the Internet, and reduce the "pollution source", the network environment will be purified.

such as site, if the site selection system is not very ideal, and later to constantly modify and perfect is very troublesome, midstream change system, a lot of content may be lost. Do not change the system, small problems will continue; change a good system, you may lose some data, but later can be more peaceful. That is to say, the fundamental way is to change the program, the measure is patchy.

secondly, do website to do high-quality website,

we can see a lot of news, against Green Dam voice is not a small number, but 80% netizens are opposed. Why is the crowd so repulsive? In the final analysis, the software is not working at all. Even the Green Dam himself said that "this product can filter bad information on the Internet, but does not guarantee the bad information can be filtered, it does not guarantee that the filtered information is bad information, so what’s the meaning of this software installed? Information filtering is not accurate and not to say, the news that" American company tort claims Green Dam Considering suing the Green Dam ", the developers really yiboweiping another. Green Dam software suspected of misappropriation of other software code, accused of infringement of intellectual property rights. The Department requires computers to pre install software and, at any rate, to prepare a software that can stand up to scrutiny. At the cusp of the explosion, I don’t know what the software developers want to do.

webmaster do the same station, if your website doing very general, must be admitted to you how fierce, think how hard it is, the webmaster every day in <

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