Zhai Xiaohu how to use Baidu to promote websites

uses Baidu to know the purpose of promoting web sites

uses Baidu to know the benefits of promoting websites. There are 3 main points:

1. through Baidu know to bring a certain amount of traffic

Baidu is very popular with their products, many keywords search, Baidu know all, the content is in the first place. Therefore, the use of good Baidu know, certainly can bring certain traffic, and the flow of access is a labor, long-term benefit. If you can answer the question in a long row of keyword search at the top, can bring high conversion rate, and not have to do much work, you easily obtain a Baidu keywords ranking position, this than you optimize the key to Baidu ranked first in the more simple.

Promotion of

2. brand

in Baidu know answer questions, part when approval is required, so not every time to put a link, if you can’t put a link, to promote the work of Baidu know the main service in brand promotion, let everyone know you through Baidu’s website, if the quality of your answer can also, also can bring certain flow.

3. backlinks increased by

in general, if no competitors report, as long as you succeed in adding a link to the answer, it will not be deleted. And Baidu on their products are generally included in the fast, so as long as you successfully released a link, you can basically get a Baidu reverse link.

two, Baidu knows the 2 stages of promotion,

1. stage

keep a good stage work is pretty good, but it can be from the interest, after all, interest is the best teacher, for example, I want to promote the Chinese lubrication economic net, but I have no answer questions, but I am more interested in philosophy. By combining work with hobbies, you can improve your enthusiasm in your work. Find a interest, and more attention on the Internet and on the problem, first look at others in Baidu know the answer, then summed up, we must pay attention to the language pack is smooth, will become a part of the answer, the answer. Do you have a easily recognized answer, and then in Baidu know that search target selection problem, the problem to be solved, and then glance at the content, do fine tuning of the ready answers as much as possible to answer this question, basically just copy and paste work. Note the answer speed not too fast, otherwise Baidu may want to review the answer, but never mind, this old audit will not answer, tomorrow to see the effect, then answer, before I have a number, is by this method, a short time to get thousands of points, of course I didn’t raise too. Feel, it is not necessary, so not too the pursuit of integration.

generally an account is not available for a day and takes a few days or more

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