Talk about some Admin5 from the middle school to do stand experience activities waiting for you

A5 is a Admin5 version of the chat activity website every Thursday at 2:30 in the afternoon at the -4 forum members to communicate with the post in the form of activities, I participate in the A5 version of the chat activity many times, from the harvest of many things, now can some knowledge in the A5 version of the chat activity can learn to sum up, hope that the webmaster friends in the A5 version in a proactive, practical.

one. Learn the successful idea of guests, from experience to do station course,

In the

version, will invite many guests to some problems on time when exceeded activity you to answer, some successful guests can also get some ideas embodied in the answer, this is the place we need to pay attention to and study, such as the guests attention, they will think of one thing continue to another thing, take the guest to change ideas state of it, every time they thought changes are going through countless thoughts, such as the latest version of


We can see some successful

Xiaoxia guest, I saw this post that he was very adventurous and positive spirit, from close contact to the present station Wangzhuan station group, every step is jumping, and finally he succeeded as a personal webmaster, we must learn more is he is such a spirit, will their dreams filled in practice, eventually we will be successful.

two. Learn how to run web sites, so as to improve your self –

a good business website has a lot of ideas, such as the baby will be a lot of activities inside the Admin5 forum moderator about together for the user to answer doubts, so as to improve the popularity of the website and users on the site of the psychology, we take a look at this



version of the chat activity will be a lot of moderator A5 forum inside are introduced, allowing users a deeper understanding of a A5 forum, can also put forward some suggestions and views of the forum at this time, some will not ordinary words and some inadmissable opinions can be expressed here. It is one a double.

three. Test your ability to develop your web site from user queries

A5 version of the chat activity will have a lot of users a question, but many webmaster face these problems are simply ignored to visit some of the past, in fact, a lot of user problems are worthy of our thinking, as a webmaster we should investigate the root causes of these problems, so as to solve some of the bottlenecks encountered in the development of their own website, thinking more, accumulate more, when facing the problem of website will also be more; not only can accumulate their knowledge in the user questions, can also be asked in the test from the user.

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