University teacher Webmaster my two site entrepreneurial experience

night, nearly midnight, because we got here (Xi’an) will be an earthquake alarm, the whole building tenants basically are gone, but I still not afraid to sit in front of the computer at all used, really want to put your own web business experience written down, although there is no to succeed, but will still continue.

should be the 06 year in November, an idea, is to do a more comprehensive education resource network, completely free, after several days of investigation, finally make the education information online line, also asked several students to do a part-time job for two months, once the number reached fifty thousand, a month after the independence of IP reached more than 2000, and it is very stable. At the beginning of the most difficult is the server problems, first is to choose the flat-share, then said very good, choose a 20G, 2000 yuan / year, the beginning is very stable fast, after two months of every day dropped, there are several times to open every day, the website traffic rapidly fall, most of the time people need to re do the system actually do a week, you want a website for a week is not open, that is what kind of ending, no way, only to give up to flat-share.

was one of my students, I bought the server, let him give me a space temporarily put there, is worthy of their configuration of the server, both speed and stability are very good, can not think of, this has become the site of deadly fuse. Update the site constantly, traffic is also rising, and my heart is very happy, but always think of human servers do not ah, but the capacity is also more and more, so I want to hire a server, soon, I rented a 850 yuan a month, the phone told the students that will want to transfer from his website server to my server, just time files, do first domain name transfer, two days after I open the website suddenly open, really do not know why, immediately give students a telephone call, to be the death of me the answer, he said. Trojan server, in the maintenance, he visited my site open, I think has been transferred, so I put the site all deleted. My God, without my permission, I didn’t ask if I was really transferred, so I deleted it directly. Besides, I didn’t backup any data. In fact, not my backup server, students let him by programmers to management, I have started a FTP account and password, then they re do the system, not to open the FTP, because they had a dispute, I let the programmer to me, he let me find my students, I if the students have no openings, embarrassed, always thinking is free with their space, or not. So it lasted for a month, until he deleted my website and regretted not making a backup copy. In this way, a network of educational resources will be gone. I’m angry, but what’s the use? My college student, can you blame him?. >

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