Website weight 48 hours shock, change is accidental or inevitable

remembers my husband and his classmates laughing and saying, "", well, if we had insisted on writing novels, we’d be a writer now.". " I think you remember SARS, it is 6 years ago, it was the rapid expansion of the network era, started from the network game "legend" overnight, set up to Tencent QQ space (it can be said that the Tencent real capital expansion is the QQ space in 2005 to set up -2007 in the past two years, the look of every hue between) the starting point Chinese network writer. I just want to say that the network world is crazy! That’s why I began to go on the road of Wangzhuan that was in 2007, an accidental opportunity, I became a QCC seller, as a QCC sellers have hard times have a happy moment, I want to do what has this process!

although I do Wangzhuan but is a 9 to 5 people, business is also considered. Where met during selling QCC friends, he do well, so I began to contact the site, and made a stand designed to do QQ space information, then sell QCC has been busy, no time to take care of but when in the second half of the 08 Tencent of QCC mall can be adjusted, then upgrade the QQ space version, QCC business is more and more difficult, more and more high technology content of QCC now, the price is also more and more low, so no less profit. So I decided to develop something else, selling things on the Internet, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought, and the competition was so fierce,


just when I was worried, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t have a website, so I could try again. But at that time, the content of the station is written in QQ space 3 information, now QQ space has been 5, so the content is basically useless. Because it was not very understanding of the site, you can say no, followed by others behind the butt. At that time, my friend began to play the game site, said the game site fire, so I want to have no friends, I want to help make the space station QQ site. Friends said that as long as every day with the new good, so I have every day with new, because of my efforts, Baidu still put my stand by, because I do not understand the game at all, so every day I will only go to those large game site copy article, do you even think boring work, Baidu included the more than 600, daily traffic only about 100.

I don’t think I can go on like this, so I start looking for some webmaster experience. Summed up the original is not critical, updated in a timely manner, but also to optimize, but also to add friendship connection. So I went to other people link, but no one willing and I added, said I Baidu snapshots too old, I was too shocked. I wanted to find out why, so I checked my website and found a lot of problems. The layout of chaos, chaos and disorder. The classification, the key is no keywords, and the most critical is my interest in the game no, did not understand, so I determined to change my station. But this domain >

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