Webmaster King a brief history of Cai Wensheng’s micro-blog nternet

because micro-blog is a new mode of communication, it has a strong advantage for our grassroots. We can get more opportunities, and we recommend everyone to use it. Attention much, we develop space is big, Cai Wensheng also hope to get everyone support, after that, webmaster speak right is big. Can use Sina and Tencent at the same time, Sina media influence is big, Tencent user is much.

Ben micro-blog on 2010.01.30 day. For more information, please note:

Cai Wensheng, Tencent, micro-blog: http://s.t.qq.com/caiwensheng

Cai Wensheng, Sina, micro-blog: http://s.t.sina.com.cn/caiwensheng

about Cai Wensheng:

was born in 70 after dropping out of school at 15 to mix 2000 into the Internet industry investment domain, 2003 founded 265.com and sold to Google, the 4399 angel investment, storm, FlashGet, CNZZ, 58 city, Meitu Xiu Xiu dozens of websites.

about the Internet:

1. someone asked me: "you are the king of the webmaster, in the end how many websites?". To tell you the truth, I’m not sure. If a few pages also count, I have more than 1000 city domain name to do the website, hundreds of industry class website, used for advertising League site, there are hundreds of. But I think that there must be more than 10 million users to count the website, I count on investment, there should be dozens of such 10 million level of the site.

2. evening rare friends meet to Kankan Liu Ding song, men and women, a total of eight people of my age are successful, corporate executives, bank real estate industry. I made a survey to ask micro-blog know? No one understand, do not understand what happened, it seems still far away from the popularity of the network, you need to. Of course, also shows that China’s Internet development space is enormous!


K I continue to investigate, but friends all know that 4399 children because they are playing games, know the storm because the computer must know, because Baidu wants to check the information, Sina know because watching the news, know QQ but rarely used, but never know Taobao to buy things, the accident is two girls know Meitu Xiu Xiu because of love beautiful.

3., we humans are entering a changing and accelerating information age, and their reading habits are changing.

The two most important changes in


first, we enter into a short reading era, previously seen books are now difficult to concentrate on hunger and thirst for, read a book, read all see introduction, Sina News is to look at the title.

second, when we entered the picture reading era, the illustrations of the books were written before, and now they are more pictures, and the text is just for guidance.

4. modern people usually read on a plane, go to the bathroom, drink coffee or…

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