The course do All sufferings have their reward. education websites

university graduate, a year ago, reading is a second normal college computer professional, was also learning more seriously, do their own graduation design based on Jsp with excellent papers in the school, also got the test network engineer (class I a person), but also in that of technology the level of the site, that make a website which requires its own from front to back all he needed to write programming code, only later to know how powerful is CMS. Graduation, and many students have done nothing to do with the profession, there are catering, there are sales, but also through a variety of ways, such as vocational training, into the IT industry.

and I chose to go back to an education department in my hometown, where the job is linked to the profession, and it’s good to say no.. I work in the departments of educational technology and equipment station, responsible for the city’s education system of computer maintenance and guide the teaching work here is not heavy, only responsible for the management of things, there is a QQ with a university students to chat, he said so much in your spare time, can also be free to use the computer, want to do to earn a little money to a website, I jokingly said, no, it takes a lot of effort is the development of a website system is also difficult. Who knows, he said a word: "you silly ah, you don’t know now have CMS, you just need to know some basic website knowledge on the line,"

I hesitated for a moment, ask yourself: what is the CMS? Then go to Baidu, so I was plunged into the first network according to all accounts, Asp PowerEasy is good, such as a down, installation, debugging, think this is really a good stuff. He once went to the network search, the search that I decided to do a website, on the recommendation of the students, I chose to open the Php class of CMS, using PHP168, to buy a popular host space, because my work is related to education, to this contact more, or to use, so the choice of education theme, named "basic education", choose a good domain name that, so my first website officially started in

search through a large number of network information and network owners grassroots experience, I carefully planned a website each column, after which the management and maintenance of great convenience, it will be difficult or change of the time. After the column is defined, it will improve the style on the basis of the system itself template, so that it will not spend much time on the first time, but the content is meaningless. Column planning well, the template has also been formed, then the key is to add the contents of the first one or two days of the beginning, I used some acquisition function, but by watching some webmaster friends on the Admin5 experience says this is not a good habit, easy to be Baidu K off, so I decided to give up the acquisition. You know not acquisition, alone to more manual >

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