Positioning and wrong understanding of online advertisement

Internet industry to enter the first stage of rational adjustment, without considering the effect of the advertising campaign may have some degree of convergence, many Internet companies will be faced with how to use the limited funds to achieve the basic problem, as well as possible promotion effect of this marketing strategy because of this, it is necessary to know about the basic problems of network advertising and positioning cost.

some consulting findings about the effect of network advertisement sad, although signs of ad click rate is usually below 1%, but online advertising is still one of the important means of network marketing, especially in attracting new users, has obvious promotion effect.

The key to the success of

media advertising is the ability to give clear, innovative information to the target audience accurately, believing that many marketing professionals agree. Generally speaking, only when the advertising information is in line with someone’s interest, he will show greater attention, which is the basic principle of advertising positioning. This may not need to be explained too much, but marketing has a price tag, and sometimes it’s expensive. Undoubtedly, effective positioning is the basic content of marketing strategy. However, it is very difficult and probably costly to find qualified audience from the vast sea of people. In determining the network advertising solutions, often have to face this kind of situation is: choose a highly professional website positioning (perhaps CPM costs more than $60), or choose a relatively low cost and wide audience, target location is not very professional


‘s answer to this question is not only to define the characteristics of the product or service being advertised, but also to define the concept of target audience. In reality, some advertisers have two obvious misconceptions about the relationship between positioning and cost of online advertising.

‘s first error: increasing the cost of positioning. If the advertising of a wide range of audiences and advertisers are influential, not aware of this point, only advertising in the height positioning website, the positioning of the cost will be relatively high, because the professional orientation of advertising media prices will be higher than the public media.

second clock error: reduce the effect of advertising. In contrast to the first error, the other extreme, in order to save money, does not take into account target positioning, usually in cheap advertising networks, or advertising at a cheap time.

Under normal circumstances,

should take account of advertising effectiveness (positioning) and advertising costs rather than moving from one extreme to the other. The tourist website online advertising as an example, suppose there are 10000 yuan in advertising budget, in the non target site, each CPM may only need 2 dollars, but in a highly positioning website or channel, advertising prices may need 40 dollars per CPM. It can also be understood that if the website is for a general public, you can buy 5 million impressions (not denying that there may be a considerable percentage of online travel users)

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