When the webmaster experience

case: Recently I began to resign from the company station (tudou.com variety http://s.douhaody.com/), to the end of the promotion from the beginning of the planning, there is a friend pointing at the next! I go a lot less detours! But in some of the key issues is to adhere to their own ideas such as some! To do this, what type… I want to talk about my experience in this period, I hope novice friends to look at


first: the choice of space

The use of

in space also don’t use garbage space to save the little money, to the final so listen The loss outweighs the gain.! Under the former (experienced webmaster) advice, don’t use space, cheap is not good. But there is no absolute, if you hit a IDC business in activities, on the contrary: cheap get good goods, such a situation is basically less, I hope not greedy.


space is stable, the speed is good! What, to inquire a person, do not believe, do not believe what the advertisements, more on the Admin5, CHINAZ and left behind on the station, ask the old webmaster and listen to their advice.

second: for web design,

advise you to own the design, make their own independent style, not because of certain good templates apply certain template, which is not good for the Baidu search engine, before it is not much, but for now, relatively speaking is very bad, because a template is used once the flood. Relative to Baidu included opportunities are quite reduced. Because my new station is good. Douhaody.com is because of this. Just a guess. If there’s something wrong, please correct me.. ).

third: content

if you are not afraid of trouble, collection of data, and work, is also very good, very important is you have time (not recommended because garbage collection, code, even if the acquisition source is not good, in order, basically the same as a column, this will give Baidu blocked too much excuse). So I suggest you do something special manually. (although my brother did not do a lot of flooding content.

is not recommended.)

fourth: exchange friendship, connect

about this point, new sites do not feel as long as there is connection, your visit is high? If this is the idea, it is wrong! Choose connection, first please open Baidu, and then enter site:, yes. Douhaody.com check his station has not been Baidu GG (GG is generally easy to land), these mainstream engines included.

fifth: for SEO, this

many friends said, "no optimization is the best optimization.". Yes, the new station is not recommended to optimize. Basically waiting for search engines

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