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2003, the back of the bag from my small remote city came to the city to begin my college road, in the so-called Vancouver square, I looked up to the top of the skull is still not to wear JEANSWEST, "said burning brother Xiang brother, pay attention to the image, the University for three years, confirmed my ideal also, their choice of the industry believe, is broken leg to go, did a few part-time jobs, found that people in the big city just a little hot oh.

in 2006, Lao Tze finally graduated, a short experience in a portal, let me understand a lot of human well-being.

2007, I most memorable, in a traditional Internet company, followed by a beauty sister learned a lot of things, Ronaldinho also arrived in Chengdu, we work during the day, together at night to work hard for the ideal.

2008, found himself finally woke up, life is a journey, is full of ups and downs, since I came to this city, always want to leave something, so we use the spare time with the "Chengdu rice" website, the website is not important, it is important for their own ideals and the precious brotherhood.

We remember

at the end of a night, in the rented balcony two plus two bottles with blowing snow red shell, YY, "if one day we are listed on the NASDAQ. You think I don’t wear a suit to" "if we met with the mayor, the mayor where night with HAPPY?

.Remember the first time we went to

global restaurants, we adopted the traditional cloth scissors hammer way to decide who the first result, Ronaldinho lost, to see that he was nervous, I said you nervous a hammer, remember to use Mandarin, he did not speak in, was the boss out of the demon.

January 2009, the website for a long time and finally determined the name, looking at the website upload progress bar, think of a lot of things, in fact, website and life to understand and adhere to the content, in 2009 we are 25 years old, maybe two years later we will return home and parents as a small day in and day out this day, life is a journey, not the destination only care about the scenery along the way, we have worked hard enough.

more than words, dedicated to their dream and constantly struggle in Chengdu outsiders, happy new year to you!


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