Specialty website it is more important to do it than to do it all

specialty of many sites, I think that the specialty site for individual owners to do professional products in a local specialty website comprehensive, more easy to get results, and then gradually expand can do big, small than the major Zuoxi easily. Personal single specialty website (www.yn2007.com) promotion process, for your reference:

1: to promote, must be good to the engine, but also inseparable from the engine, keep a good attitude,

When the

website just on the line, has been ranked not ideal, all day to think that does not depend on the engine can be extended, the matter of a few months, or listen to the advice of friends back on the engine, the last in the engine as long as many keywords have been ranked first, but due to the recent frequent hacker attack. Change the server and delete a dynamic web pages cause individual keyword ranking has small changes. What’s a good place to do:

?The original

is necessary: from the website content, procedures, navigation, classification, site name will try to ensure the originality, not only can get something for the original engine love can also make it easier for customers to remember you.

two, the thing to be prepared before you do it:

For example, the

www.yuntianma.com station, the first to do the planning, how to do, what need to function, to achieve what purpose, to make the station do what the worst is what, what is the best. What you want to do before the station, you first want to think of their own ability, time, living expenses can support the development of the site, maintenance, operation. The second: is to study your similar website, find their own advantages, and try to enlarge, avoid the shortcomings of predecessors, so that the website is competitive.

two, plan customer groups,

identify customer groups can be more effective promotion, different customer groups need different promotion methods and website procedures. My website is a static page, no program, no background.

three, template

own intentions to engage in a feature template, and so you have a product ready, and the next product can continue to use.

four, the content of the website

The simpler the

site, the better it is to have a glimpse of what you’re doing. As for the product description class, the richer and more authoritative the better.

five choose one or two suitable for their promotion method, adhere to do

many introductory articles are good, the effect is certain, the key is that you do not insist on doing it. I this station search engine included not much, but many single page ranking is good. PR also reached 5 from 0 to one step. In the beginning 2 months, do not want to do optimization, want to do the user, do the weight of the search. If you have done it, it’s not good. You haven’t done enough. It’s not in place yet.

in short, >

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