The domain name of the domain name registration to a lot of resources in an emergency

2010 "blue book" information No. 19 in Beijing released the blue book pointed out that the informatization level of China has exceeded the average level of the world, basically reached the level of moderately developed countries, some developed city and area, the level of information has been developed countries and developed areas with a length.

At the same time, according to the relevant

and digital indicators, China’s information technology has reached the international level of the popularity of the Internet, and to the rural areas have a great relationship, at the end of 2009, the proportion of Internet China opened to improve the township to 99.3%, the number of users for the first time more than 100 million rural China. The average internet access time of rural Internet users is about 16 hours / week. The huge number of Internet users has not only brought about the progress of information technology, but also brought about a wave of Internet business opportunities.

experts pointed out that the improvement and development of Internet and information technology to improve the basic facilities will further lead to the related and basic services, such as Internet domain name, hosting needs also will be increased, especially the domain name will increase greatly, according to the blue book related data show that as of the end of 2009, the opening of the domain name that is 153 times that of 1997. The vast majority of colleges and universities, more than 60% of secondary vocational schools, 70% of ordinary high schools, 39% of junior high school and 12% of primary schools have been completed in varying degrees of the campus network.

in CNNIC (China Internet Network Information Center) released the "twenty-sixth China Internet development report" shows that as of June 2010, the number of Internet users China officially exceeded 400 million mark, reaching more than 420 million, many of them are some of the owners, we can imagine, the number of domain names they have to expend a how huge numbers. And some of them are domain investors who may have hundreds of domain names at hand.

these data and information will undoubtedly give the domain name investors came the gospel, so many domain name enthusiasts also began to get together in the past, the investment domain to the domain name, the linkage of the world investment experts believe that China’s trade is still in a starting stage, although some people rely on to transfer the domain name overnight, it seems that the investment domain is sitting home money, but so far, you can successfully sell the domain name or a few, large companies to sell $example is very rare, therefore, when the investment domain should also be very cautious, more rational investment in the face of the domain name, what kind of domain name is investment value will be very clear.


domain name investment actually is a simple principle after all is said and done, the domain name is more short as possible. The simple combination of numbers and letters are easy to remember, this site is more landing, domain name gives the first impression, we must do so at a glance that the degree of domain name, the first impression of the value of the domain name is very important.

followed by the domain name to have the trend of nature, and must contain meaning. As the saying goes, "what heat, fry what", therefore, >

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