You need to keep a web site like cattle

has heard of dogs and cats. Yes, we need our website, too.

I’ve done 2 websites, 8 months, 23 days old. In the first half of this year many webmaster, have tasted the middle sour, sweet, bitter, hot, there have been numerous abandoned years, countless friends discouraged, encouragement, give me confidence.

because I don’t know how to do it, I have no idea at all. Because the 2 stations use the same template, the domain name is very similar, part of the contents are the result of repeating the same 2 stations are K, one of which is K 3 times I did not give up, but I made a big mistake, is with us novice same, you know every day to update the site a lot no trouble to diagnosis, then, every day I go to Baidu, Google search: SEO the top of the site, there are generally the skill of the webmaster, who stood there are a lot of good content is I every day, learning time, more than half a month, I use my knowledge to see, slowly applied to a month on his website finally pick up.

now 2 websites IP can maintain more than thousands of, monthly income can also maintain in 1800 yuan or so, although not too much, but gave me to continue to do the confidence of the webmaster.

thought I had a regular job to support myself, and that’s all right. I put all of my website’s monthly income into the new website construction. Now my hand has a total of 7 different industry site, the new IP is not too much, but maintained at between 150–400ip, I believe, is the need to keep the site, site like farming, sowing seeds in the spring, autumn harvest.

as long as you insist on learning how to regenerate your web site, you’ll definitely get good results.

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