Adsense Federation formally on-line, all station stationmaster Qi Bainian

in time and again on behalf of Chinese around the webmaster organizers alliance webmaster Association ( today officially launched. The organization for the president: Vice President of laggards founder Dong Qinfeng love gathered founder Guo Jijun; Honorary Advisor: Li Mingshun A5 Zhang Zhengjun, founder of stationmaster net China station founder Fan Qing, vice president of special adviser: Comsenz; Chinese station, A5 station network editor Qiu Song editor Chen Guoqiang, "stationmaster" club founder Zhang Xiang I dragnet founder Cai Liwen Secretary General Huang; Guan Peng, Deputy Secretary General of the western network CEO website alliance founder Qi Xiangyu; and many other members of standing around the brothers, currently the first approved for the 20 areas of local station organizer, later will have more partners to join the site.

the webmaster association has been to build the laggards, Chinese stationmaster station, stationmaster net, China station, WEB net, pig, my net, station network, "stationmaster" magazine, lectures and other webmaster webmaster related media support, in particular thanks. As an important support unit of the Federation, the laggards hang the link marks of the station members’ stations in the striking position, and improve the external publicity image of the adsense. Each member station were also in the top and bottom suspension sub navigation and stationmaster Federation member station LOGO logo, and webmaster Federation of mutual promotion channels also get many of the webmaster support, suspension Federation support unit identification, common propaganda.

At present,

webmaster Federation also accepted the second batch of member station registration, required for local influential webmaster organizers, comprehensive evaluation in principle, together to participate in all members of the station, each provinces and cities only choose one member station. Join the local organizers must have their own local station, such as the Wuhan station like this, and keen public organization party webmaster, is willing to actively participate in various public welfare activities, organization of the alliance members accept station promotion each other. Participation in the member stations will be carried out in accordance with the public welfare, free, resource sharing, and actively promote the attitude of the alliance, the union does not charge any fees.

We believe that

will be through the webmaster union formed around the webmaster organizers better communication experience sharing, resource sharing, mutual promotion and further enhance the local party webmaster’s influence and creativity, let more webmaster webmaster through party benefit grow together.

the arrival of the new year, united under the flag around the webmaster webmaster organizer to all the webmaster and sent to pay New Year’s call, the webmaster wishes for the new year. The following are some excerpts from New Year message:

2009 is in the past, 2010 is approaching; behind the merry: new year, new developments in the new year, happy New Year! Especially cold this winter, although the spring is not far; but you must protect yourself, have a good winter. – President of the Federation: laggards, Dong Qinfeng,

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