Glyph of God the growth path of O2O in my eyes

[product guide] only involved in consumer decision-making, is relatively core. Why do some O2O industries rise so quickly, because the secret lies in….


text / carving God

Hi, old Zhou, this article is for you. Know your recent analysis on employment are entangled in O2O, because you are very valuable people, so the selection must be cautious, wrong, not worth the loss of one thousand million, is the life of glory stakes and landing.

"strategy is to look at the future today" – that’s the most important thing I’ve learned from Professor zeng. But what is tomorrow? It’s about analyzing yesterday, then betting on tomorrow, and then doing today. Just as the BAT big three, there must be time rise, this is the logic of "yesterday" – Baidu will first rise, because he directly from the information of advertising to make money, this does not need too many related industries mature, so the first implementation of the flow is realized; and why Tencent slow? Because the model of Tencent the flow guide to the game to be realized, and the bandwidth is speed, must rely on others, broadband is not universal, is unable to drive online gaming boom; Taobao has finally, no way, from the payment to logistics, to the "credit system", not a reliable ten years earlier, had to slowly mature, to live their own cultivation, but all mature, Ma Yun became the richest man China…… And you see, the older you get, the greater the harvest, the higher the market value.


model, I called it "


Tencent, I called the "earth move";

Taobao model, I call it "out of thin air."".

O2O also has such a "mature" process.

, the earliest mature, undoubtedly and Baidu a truth, pure information diversion. For example, the public comment network is like this…… The online customer information by means of "it", a diversion to the next line store, they find a way to make money, is the group purchase. Everybody knows that, not much.

is currently mature, it is with "hungry", "home delicacy" as the representative of APP, the entity restaurant meals, end customers home — is the focus of these restaurant was not open out, and they abruptly help restaurant room service, look forward to the day of unification, with the emperor as the the princes, earn a "earth move".

is a bit like Taobao Manicure beaver family, third models, not necessarily and store the line of cooperation, simply engage in non store, "out of thin air", will Manicure entities under the line shop removed, the liberation of Manicure division, simply come to do Manicure. Of course, the slowest, the biggest risk, the most toil…… In the future, the service sector has been most thoroughly subverted by the Internet, partly in these third stages. < >

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