101 indicators of a perfect website. Fourth part. Design

design reflects a website’s artistic accomplishment, however, is not to say that you should be design, design style should be combined with your industry, be concise, fresh, elegant, peaceful and design just to get an external impression on the user to access your content, do not make the Lord took penn. The following principles shall be followed in the design.

delivers professional first impressions for first-time visitors

good design will give the first impression the first time visitors bring unforgettable, but the design is good or bad is always each one according to his lights, there is no uniform standard, if we set a standard, it is good design should give a person with professional sense, the so-called professional sense, generally speaking, is designed to be like look, take your site and the world’s top 500 as a contrast, you will know the professional sense of what it is like.

industry oriented design

if you are using a mechanical industry, pink color for the page is not appropriate, different industries have different industry style, your design should conform to the industry style, different design styles in different sectors of the industry in general consumer taste. This is like taking a professional photographer to target market general camera to black, strong, feel heavy features, and consumer cameras with silver or color, thin fashion features. If you don’t know what your industry style is, just look at your successful competitor’s website.

design can not proceed

or, not excessive design, you need to always remember that users come to your site, they really want to see the content, rather than your design, besides, the design is more a subjective thing, and change with the trend of the world, now the design with concise beauty that must not be your site up like the Baroque art.


design follows the elegance principle (elegant)

The design of

rude will let users feel violated, the so-called elegant, for example, at the top of your page with 20 colorful marquee where flicker is absolutely not elegant, elegant design is polite, tasteful, artistic, let the user respected, and not let the user feel you are in for them to raise a hue and cry.


design follows the peace principle (peace)

do not use too strong color or font contrast let users feel uneasy, or feel tired, good design is to design their own flat often show up, and not always afraid of people do not see, if the user does not feel your design intention is to feel comfortable, you are in the mood peaceful.

contains eye-catching Logo

the Logo of your company or website should be very eye-catching. They are your visual sign, and don’t bury them in some mess.

contains a set of very >

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