How does the nternet make money () analysis of the nternet’s profit model

the Dragon Boat Festival holidays too comfortable, not to any work, no other place is to go outside the supermarket, even didn’t go around, is to stay at home three days of sleep sleep, sleep at night, daytime sleep, take a month to owe up sleep. So this morning he got early signs. Later work tired, so choose such a holiday to adjust, relax, spiritual value is directly filled.

today about science Internet profit model, which is promised a friend to write articles before, although may have some friends who use the Internet every day, but do not know these companies on the Internet is how to make money, why do these sites can take free service for you. This is normal, I think I joined Ali two years, and did not figure out how the company made money.

because it is popular science, so there is nothing new, and if you understand the Internet’s profit model, then you can turn off the computer at this time, to go with the family.

I do not use the "Internet profit model" the wood louse name, because there are too many articles with such a name. So I used a wood louse Name: "the Internet how to make money, simply directly.

Internet is a very magical place, where the services used by ordinary users are mostly free, thanks to Yang Zhiyuan and his Yahoo!. In recent years, Yahoo has been on the decline, and Yang Zhiyuan is no longer the CEO and chieftain of Yahoo, so many people have a funny attitude towards him. In fact, no matter how the future, Yahoo! It has been the history of the Internet has left a thick and heavy in colours a pen, because it is Yahoo! Create a precedent, the "advertisement" profit model, avoid let ordinary users pay to use the internet.

and then, as is common in general, most of the Internet Co are the continuation of this "free" on the general practice of users, the user has gradually formed "the Internet is the impression of free". It is also due to free of charge for ordinary users, the number of Internet users in the early days to the rapid expansion and spread like a virus. Previously, both the telegraph, telephone, and television, in the user’s popularity has experienced a long process, little more than a decade, more than a few decades. Yahoo, I didn’t intend to start the statement here in the early glorious times. As for this history, we can refer to the "top of the wave" written by teacher Wu Jun, and we still focus on the profit model.

can be said to be advertising to support the entire internet. The entire global Internet advertising industry will spend about $95 billion in 2013, while Google has a market capitalization of $about 200000000000, with annual revenues of over 90% coming from advertising.

in the form of Internet advertising can be divided into "stop sign" advertising, and "accurate delivery" advertising. Traditional bus stop >

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