Do stand, how to understand their patience

is a webmaster friends very depressed recently said to me: "I say cold ah, you always say do stand to have the patience. But what exactly is this patience? You didn’t seem to say, "


I think everyone should have a problem like that. In fact, to understand their patience is not difficult, dream cold every friend with a communication, if it comes to this aspect, will intentionally or unintentionally to ask him a few questions.

cold: how many hours a day can you surf the Internet?

Rachel: about thirteen hours so.

cold (not surprisingly, oh, ^O^): Wow, professional Internet users,


XXX: Well, OK?. Nothing to do, I have to go online,


cold: do you really want to be a station,


XX: Well, what do you have to do to get the traffic coming up,


cold: Well, how many stickers can you send in a day?

XX: don’t know, want to post? Go to other people’s BBS hair, or


cold: this one will say, can you send 500 stickers a day,


XX: Well, it should be all right.

cold: good, you go to the post first. Articles about the topic of your web site can be sent to your website, and can be modified to change it.

XX: how long will it take to see the traffic?.

cold: you first, these things in a few days I’ll do for you.

XX: OK….

"a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a" a "a

time (such as electricity, time flies cold you would be too predictable… -_-…!!) in the imperceptibly has come 20XX


cold and cold chance once again met with so and so pull, cold and cold ask: how, website content do? How about… Look at….



cold and cold (although very troublesome, but still copy down to see…): Well, very good to say, more than I saw before the number of articles more than a few articles, yeah, although the time has only been a month…


so……. Not so exaggerated it, I have made a hundredth


cold (praised nodded a little XW^O^]… [MS): oh. Yeah, yeah, you remember, well,


XXX: didn’t you say you would help me with traffic? I’m in traffic now

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