nternet business success (six) site marketing and integration promotion

internet promotion is a big topic, but for the website, how low-cost and effective marketing, allowing users to know the site as soon as possible, is the key to the site after the establishment.

one, website preparation before

good websites are just the first step on the road to success, and the first thing to do is to promote it when it’s built. Even if it’s not an excellent website, it’s easy to succeed as long as you can promote it. Websites are not popular at the beginning of their construction, and various websites have different ways of operation and promotion. Such as search engine promotion, community BBS promotion, online promotion, offline promotion, etc., in the seventh chapter will be dedicated to search engine optimization and promotion.

"good wine, also afraid of alley deep", even if it is very excellent website, without promotion, also can not get considerable flow. Therefore, after the completion and release of the website, start the publicity and promotion work of the website.

must also make sure that our website has the following requirements before publicizing its website, otherwise propaganda can be counterproductive.

(1): comprehensive website to be said here is not a comprehensive website content is large, but that there should be a relatively complete structure of the website, if visitors just open a section of "under construction", think of the change is for you and would you think? On the other hand is the site to follow the conventional mode of the record information, such as copyright, website navigation and other essential elements.

(2) often update: be sure to form good habits by the amount of time to add the site content, original content must have their own web sites, if it is unable to ensure the original, can also be appropriate to the site by way of the updated reprint. Content updates, not only conducive to search engines included, nor let visitors feel that there is no content to see.

(3): passionate enough passion is a necessary prerequisite for success, if the construction site for three days fishing nets two days of drying, if there is no traffic on the laissez faire, the problem on the lazy response, this site will never have a big possibility.

(4) do more links: do more than equal to do indiscriminate, choose links should pay attention to, preferably the same type, and is the formal management of the site. Links to good websites can not only enhance the image of the website, but also increase the weight of the website in the search engine. In particular, non-profit organizations or large websites link weight is very high, and do links to such sites, can enhance the PR value of the site in Google.

(5) communication website content: Although we should try to avoid other malicious plagiarism website of their own site, but for general copyright or reprint should be allowed, and it can be skillfully utilized. For example, in the article mentioned in the website URL and other information, so after other websites reprinted, you can increase the reverse link of the site. >

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