How to optimize a new website

now has hundreds of millions of websites on the Internet, and thousands of different websites are being added every day. Facing the intense competition of our new station this is particularly important in how to blaze a confused army in their own way. So what should we do to optimize and improve a new station? I’ll talk to you about my experience.

makes a new website, usually divided into three stages. The first is the idea of building a station, the second is to improve and improve, and the third is stability and perseverance.

one. Design and build. Everything is hard in the beginning, journey, as the conception and construction of the website. We have to do a lot of work.

1., do a good job of data research, positioning the market and websites. The purpose of doing web site is to increase the website traffic and reputation. We must do market analysis and website feasibility report before we do the station. The type of website and the crowd for certain plans, but also the future direction of development should be clear.

2. site. Depending on your type and location of your site, select domain names and the right server, and the framework of the site. Do not underestimate these work, this is related to the future site optimization and an important step in the growth of. The choice of domain names, many people think that under the tree good shade, for example, to do a SEO professional website, to see a better site, such as [], they will cottage people change what [aiwenwoo] what kind of. However, it can be said that this method is not advisable, you can only win a temporary effect, it can not help the future optimization of any substantive help. A unique domain name is best associated with the content of the site, good to remember is the more appropriate domain name. The server’s choice is two words, "stable", the stable server can let your website at least when the netizen arrives in the station can keep unimpeded, can also resist exterior attack. The website frame, is whether you choose what kind of system or template, it is best to make some changes of their choice and mask some mature, so it is helpful to search engines crawl the site.

3. content. Initial additions to web content are important because they are the first impressions of a web search engine. So for the first time to add the content is mainly from the practice aspects, first is the content of the scope to be broad, the material surface is selected to be wide, because you do not know which sections and what content will be the first to get the search engine in the pro gaze. Next is to new, a new website, if the content added is outdated, overflow of information, then this is obviously very inappropriate.

two. Improve and improve. After the success of the site, the next step is to improve and improve the website. That is, to seek breakthroughs, simply speaking, is to increase the weight of the site and PR, as well as increase site collection and traffic. We can start with the following aspects.


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