Discussion on how to layout the nternet in manufacturing industry from the effectiveness of network

from the Internet thinking to Internet plus, traditional industry seems to be due to changes in turn the world upside down the Internet, if you do not talk about the Internet, I feel no face! "This is a traditional manufacturing enterprise can be heard without end, in the wave of the Internet in the sound began to actively embrace the Internet, news, news from the Internet effectively for a long time, internet promotion. The most suitable for the manufacturing industry. So, how the traditional manufacturing industry layout of the Internet? The chimney of the new industry about why manufacturing industry for Internet promotion.


in the traditional media of television advertising, it is difficult to see the shadow of the manufacturing industry, most of the advertising is food, clothing, health care, medicine and other consumer service industries, manufacturing industry a small number. For example, the chimney in this industry, almost in the traditional media advertising is simply not, and this industry has a broad market prospect, why do television advertising, the main reason is that this is a relatively closed industry, and often the user demand is not very determined, unlike the beverage industry is a hot summer, the clothing industry will according to the change of season changing, television media advertising is expensive, but also for the industry chimney user requirements are not fixed, long-term advertising, and put a period of advertising may sometimes have a role, and usually most time is invalid, input and output is not proportional to


"three hundred and sixty, adventure.has" manufacturing industry if broken, probably more than three hundred and sixty, even more than a thousand, every industry has a leader, so, the broader Internet space, for these industries, not to "promotion according to status" industry segments of extreme, can "First impressions are strongest" on the Internet, if the "ten brand", "top ten industries" such keyword promotion, will have good effect on the chimney industry as an example, not only in traditional industries or many practitioners have noticed how to look for customers, but they ignore the brand building, and the Internet is precisely given this opportunity, if from the beginning to the industry leader position, then, if the promotion, it is easy to make sense of network users You do this by professional, and is at the forefront in the industry, once the user reached this consensus, in the psychological, especially strong desire for communication, but some are more likely to reach a deal.

rarely advertise in the manufacturing industry in the mainstream media, and on the Internet, but can "duck", the Internet is a new world, a subversion of the traditional order of the world, if you are unknown to the public in the traditional channel, is available on the Internet by the expert professional perspective of publicity, not only because of the Internet the success of the brand, have made the brand, such as BAT, Jingdong, millet, 360 and so on, if a new factory chimney can through the network propaganda strength, to reinvent itself, as long as there is enough qualification and ability, so we can get more users with strong confidence! "

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